KOSSI AGUESSY, 2016 FEATURED DESIGNER Presented by FNB Private Wealth & FNB Private Clients

FNB Private Wealth & Private Clients are thrilled to present the 2016 Featured Designer, Kossi Aguessy.


As the man often referred to as the Togolese magician of design, Aguessy has created an intervention at this year’s FNB JoburgArtFair that is guided by a golden thread that Aguessy refers to as, “the essence of a futuristic and sleek Africa.” This phrase, he says, is the “starting point of my intervention” for the Lounge at the 2016 FNB JoburgArtFair.


“Beyond the assemblage of materials and effects, I intend with the interior design, the furniture and artworks are to create a feeling of a reinvented Africa, a space with a window into an unexplored landscape. Every material, each colour or shape composing this landscape makes worship of light, nature and culture.

As Featured Designer, the Lounge will feature a selection of Aguessy’s pieces like the, The Stool (pictured opposite). This is a perfect example of how Aguessy’s work merges sensibilities from two universes.


The Stool is inspired both by a traditional Somalian sheep keeper’s stool and a skateboard. Here, an iconic toy of modern city childhood experience meets a basic utensil of rural East African farmers’ life. Another notable piece that will go into the Private Lounge is Zoo – a glazed ceramic African mask. The slender piece is inspired by traditional Nubian masks and represents what Aguessy believes would have been the result of the evolution and a synthesis of the traditional African mask.


In this way tradition is transformed by Aguessy into a Afro-futurist design mode. The pieces are exemplary of how Aguessy’s designs are “futuristic, multi-cultural and polymorphic” and rooted in research in technological and sociological practicality. Aguessy’s designs embody the idea of a global African identity.


Though he keeps a home in Paris, London and the US, he was born on the African continent to a Togolese father and a Brazilian mother. That was in 1977. Today he is a man about the world with one of the most internationally sought-after design practices. Aguessy established his self-named studio in Paris, France, in 2008.


Aguessy studied industrial and interior design in the United Kingdom, at the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London. Be sure to visit the Lounge presented by FNB Private Wealth and Private Clients at this year’s FNB JoburgArtFair to see his latest works.




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