Mohau Modisakeng

Mohau Modisakeng

Mohau Modisakeng

Posted by Artlogic on 19 May 2014

mohau22014 will see an exciting new partnership between FNB Joburg Art Fair and LOOP Barcelona. The Fair, in its seventh edition, intends to extend its existing platform for contemporary video artists from Africa. by presenting works to an international audience of discerning collectors and curators of video art in one of the most prestigious settings for the medium; LOOP Barcelona.

FNB Joburg Art Fair will be presenting a work originally conceived and premiered at the 2013 Art Fair in Johannesburg by young South African artist Mohau Modisakeng. The video installation Inzilo is shot at a 4k resolution and deals with traditional South African customs of bereavement.

Modisakeng is currently preparing his first solo show, Ditaola, opening on the 29th of May at Cape Town based gallery, Brundyn +

The Fair team caught up with Mohau and asked him a few questions…

…on travel, making new work and the future

JAF: What was your experience of the Special Projects at JAF’13

MM: My experience of the JAF 13 special projects was a notable moment in my creative process. It allowed me the opportunity to engage with an audience and receive critical feedback.

JAF: What are you working on now?

MM: I am currently working on my first solo exhibition to be opened in May 2014 at BRUNDYN+ in Cape Town. The exhibition features a series of sculptures, video, photography and live performance elements.

JAF: How was your work received at VOLTA NY?

MM: This year was my second showing at Volta New York and as with the previous year the response from visitors was positive and overwhelming.

JAF: Has your recent exposure on international platforms influenced the subject matter of your ongoing work?

MM: My work is constantly evolving, and my influences are quite vast. The opportunity to travel and show internationally has enriched my visual vocabulary as an artist. The subject matter relies on my lived experiences in order to assume a format that allows for my work to be accessible to a variety of audiences.

JAF: What else are you planning for 2014?

MM: After the show in May I will be taking a couple of residencies in East Africa. I also hope to pursue a research-based project in the States.